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Not invented here

16 October 2016

Third Tuesday of September in The Hague. That means tradition, golden coach and ladies hats.

It also means the National budget with key figures on health care. The message is the same each year : it is important to spend our healthcare budget as smart as we can.

Before I continue, just imagine that you win a car in the the lottery. A red one. And you say, well no I would have liked to have an orange one. Take it back and have a nice day. Bit ungrateful, don't you think?

Yet we often do so in healthcare. A hospital has a solution to a problem and other hospitals say: we have looked at it and that does not work in our hospital. For those who recognize it: it's what we call the 'not invented here' syndrome. It sounds good but in fact it is not smart at all. It makes the care unnecessary expensive.

A good example of how it can is to share the risks of medical software. On a public website, called Zira platform hospitals can share which risk classification there software has. Every healthcare organization that has that package in use, can use this information to optomize own operations. Well, that's smart!