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MOT inspection

30 November 2016

Last week I received a letter from the Department of Road Transport. My car must be inspected for January 6, 2017. If not, I will get fined. A while ago I received only a fine if I was flashed while driving but that happens automatically nowadays. No inspection on January 6 means a fine.

Suppose I fail to perform the test befor January 6, will my car then suddenly be unsafe? No. There is no big swith somewhere that makes my car unsafe. Everything just keeps working, engine, tires, lights, brakes. But why then that obligation?

I did some research on the MOT obligation. And I found it it is fairly complicated. A gasoline car of four years, must be inspected yearly. In case of a diesel that is after three years. Bad news for older vehicles, there will be a moment in future where the car does not comply the test. And that's the end. This avoids a dangerous situation, for example, when your brakes suddenly no longer work. 

Medical equipment has also complicated maintenance schedules. Developed by the manufacturer and reviewed by by the maintenance department of the hospital. Often maintenance is done once a year, sometimes once every two years. Maintenance is sometimes done by own technicians, sometimes by the suppliers techniciens. Anyway, take the maintenance seriously. Check the service label that is attached to the device before using it with a patient.