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KWINT Foundation

03 September 2016

Do Quality and Integrity match?

In 2016, NAMCO has taken the initiative to start the KWINT Foundation.

KWINT stands for Quality & Integrity. The aims of the foundation are:

  • Gathering knowledge on the subject of Quality & Integrity.
  • Doing research on the subject of Quality & Integrity.
  • Publishing the results of research on the subject of Quality & Integrity.
  • The publication of guidelines for organizations that want to give meaning to the subject of Quality & Integrity.
  • Conducting research at the request of an individual or organization in the context of Quality & Integrity.
  • Giving solicited and unsolicited advice on issues of Quality & Integrity.
  • Sharing knowledge by means of trainings and workshops.

The ultimate goal is always to avoid unnecessary damage to the organisation.

The foundation also focuses on younger generations under the title of KWENI. Specifically, there are programs for students going from primary school to secondary school and for students going from  secondary school to university or professional education.

For more information please contact René Drost, mobile 06-51456938, email: info@stichtingkwint.nl

Web: www.stichtingkwint.nl