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Vacancies in GZT Rotterdam

07 April 2017

The Human & Technology course, differentiation Healthcare Technology has existed for almost 12 years and for so long we have also been working with the professional field. They ensure that there are internships and graduation places for our students, but we also regularly discuss the content of our education and the positioning in the field. To this end, there is a professional field committee that meets about three times a year and consults on, for example, the curriculum.

For this committee we are looking for new members with the following profile:

Profile member of the professional field committee

For the Human and Technology - Health Care Technology (GZT) program, the link with the professional field is of great importance. The Healthcare Technologist is widely trained and can therefore start working in a large amount of different functions. To keep a sharp eye on the field of work, a relevant professional field committee (BVC) is essential.

The BVC must consist of a group of critical persons with affinity with education. The diversity in this group must be as representative as possible for the diverse professional field in which the Healthcare Technologist is working. In terms of content, it must be in line with the three pillars of the GZT program in Rotterdam; the use of care technology and care technology processes and developments in the hospital, the use of technology and developments in home care and the overarching information and communication technologies that are used.

In general, a BVC member is expected to commit to the program for a period of four years in which two to three times a year a consultation is held and interim and unsolicited advice is given to the program. Taking a seat in the BVC is voluntary but requires commitment to the training. After four years, it will be decided in consultation whether a seat in the BVC will be extended for another four years.

From a strategic point of view it is desirable / important that a BVC member has the possibility to use certain resources. This could be, for example, the deployment of his or her network1. In addition, a BVC member has insight into the field of work, insight into the developments and trends in the field of work and can indicate what the possible impact is on the course.

From a substantive point of view, it is desirable / important that a BVC member has experience with or is active in the professional field and is involved in the training of technicians. Where possible, he or she also supervises graduates. It is of great importance that a BVC member can assess on a substantive level whether the training is sufficiently in line with the professional field.

Currently we are looking for someone who works in or has a link with one or more of the following domains:

□ Government institutions / legislation and regulations relating to medical technology;

□ The academic level and / or the research with regard to the professional field of GZT;

□ Professional associations such as BMTZ, VZI, etc .;

□ Industry organizations such as NVZ, NFU, etc .;

□ Related care training;

□ One or more companies working within a medical technical domain;

If you would like to participate in our professional field committee, we would like to receive your response before May 19, 2017 in the form of a letter including curriculum vitae. You can send it by e-mail to: i.blok@hr.nl.

At the end of May we will make a choice and invite the new members to our meeting on June 14 a.s. If you have any questions regarding this letter, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Source: letter HR dated 7 April 2017